Monday, January 7, 2013

Support Ticket #01587329 IV

Illustration from Omnitech Support
Between 5:35-6:07 AM this morning (CET) I received three messages from Linden Lab. The first one informing me that they were going to disable my account while running their tests with Bock, the second one  informing me that my account was restored to me and the third one is the one below..

"A comment has been added to your Case..

Case: 01587329
Avatar: Bock McMillan
Type: Other Inworld Issues
Status: Information Requested
Hello Bock,

Thank you for allowing me access to this avatar inworld. I was able to run tests on everything you reported wrong in the attached file. The good news is I was not able to duplicate any of the issues reported, which means nothing is wrong with your avatar!

-Repetition of my chat in local: Negative (tried in different regions including home) -Repetition of my chat in Instant Message: Negative (IM test to two different Lindens online) -Repetition of payments: Negative (sent a payment to a Linden and received it back, once each time) -Involuntary movement: Negative (dancing in an SL club)

This is good to know, but now we need to know what is causing this to happen on your end. If you don't mind, I would like to ask for some more info from you. Can you please go to, and please begin at test. What I would like to know then is what your Upload and Download speed reports. If you can please reply with that info when you have it, that will be great!

Thanks for your time,

Theresa Linden

To reply to this case, either Reply to this email, or visit :

(To view the Case online, you will need to log into with this Avatar: Bock McMillan)"

As soon as I had read the emails I immediately ran the speed test and sent the following response.

"Hello Theresa,

I hope you were gentle with Bock, he is not used to being handled by women. Nonetheless I was happy to give you access to Bock so that we can hopefully get to what causes these problems when I run him myself.

I have run the test at with the following result 
Download 88. 57 Mb/s 
Upload 9.68 Mb/s 
Ping 9 ms

Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter,

Bock McMillan"


  1. Buddy, they are really taking care of you...what a good service :)

  2. You seem to be in good hands Bockilein. I'm impressed with the level of service.

  3. I told you, didn't I?

    Linden Labs customer support have never been anything but kind and helpful to me and I have always received the best possible service. I love them!

  4. SHIT i got it its gettig worse.. ill trash my pc soon ..bloody virus..vilken weiver är du på
    är det lika på alla?

    1. I am on the Linden Lab Viewer 3 right now, but have tried Firestorm and Niran´s viewer also to see if that helped. It did not.

  5. BTW my speedtest as above is 12,9..mb/s dont think its that

  6. ah well i think this is all only happens in sl so its LL..They have a virus on them..and they cant find it

  7. Bock:

    My first reaction was "oh, he has translation turned on!" I had this once (double text) and that was the cause. But since you are using multiple viewers this does not apply. But, if you ever see a typo corrected, than that is probably some sort of translation trying to go on.

    Your internet speed is incredible. 88.57 Mbps? I occasionally reach 25 on a good day but more likely have about 12. You certainly do not have a slow connection, which rules that out. We rarely get speeds like that in the United States.

    Any ping under 100 ms is OK for Second Life requirements. Mine right now is 53 and I can very happily run around on ultra in Second Life and keep my viewer at maximum distance. Bock, a ping of 5 ms is obscenely good.

    So what the heck is this?

    I do not think it is a virus or malware, unless someone did one just for Second Life and decided to infect the world with it. The problems with this rationale is there are relatively so few Second Life users, why would someone waste their time? It is like viruses for Macs, the number of users is so small compared to Windows there are not many out there.

    Does this only happen in version 3 viewers? Try using Phoenix (you can still download it although you might not bake inworld) and see if it happens there. If it does, you can definitely rule this out as a Second Life problem. If you are OK in Phoenix, then try a comparison between a version 2 and a current (version 3) viewers. If you can isolate this to a version, there is your problem. If not, it is a system problem, probably something messed up with your registry.

    BTW, I would run CC Cleaner (it always works for me) and clean up your registry entries. Also, make sure that your caches are clean by running the first part (cleaner) of the program. You only need the free version. I am not sure it will do any good but you can try this.

    1. I have tried different viewers since this problem arose (fresh installs every time) but nothing helps and the problems remain.

      I am not doing anymore changes while my friend Theresa Linden runs her tests, but if she should come back with a result saying this is due to my computer i am
      1. going to use every virus scanner and register cleaner I know of,
      2. change my keyboard (someone thought this could be causing my problems) and
      3. re-install Windows with factory settings and start over again (which is drag but would hopefully solve the issues if nothing else helps).

      Thanks for taking ab interest Eddi ;)

  8. Maybe you should stick with Windows 7 for a bit after your re-install to see if that has any effect.

    1. True, I might just do that! ;)

      But at the same time I do not think that is the problem really because I know several people who are on Win 8 and have no problems at all in SecondLife.

  9. I have w 7 AND i had Phoenix and it got me all the same..awating advices Bock will get.:)

    1. Theresa will be back soon enough, Ziga dearest, we mut be patient! Hugs!


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