Friday, January 4, 2013

Why Dej Called Me A Pervert

The subject of our conversation
Mikedacook Dinzeo
When I was speaking with my brother in-law Dej yesterday, I told him that I was going to Mikedacook Dinzeo´s birthday party later. Dej told me he remembered Mike from the old days.

I then confessed to Dej, that for a long time I had always mistakenly misread Mikey´s name as "Mikedacock" (with a c instead of an o).

Dej laughed and said "Pervert!". When I agreed with him and said "Yeah that's what I thought too" he laughed again and said "No, I meant you!".

I had to admit he was right of course. Isn't it strange how our brains sometimes play games with us and lets us read what we believe should be there, not what actually is written?

The craft of proofreading is really not adequately appreciated in our time.

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