Thursday, February 28, 2013

Playing With Myself

I was checking on the state of Southern Charm and saw the dance ball hanging from the rafters in the barn, so I thought I might as well try it out.

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Yes, yes - I know the header for this post should have been "Playing By Myself" or "Playing Alone", but I liked the one I chose better for some mysterious reason.


  1. so you need somebody to dance with X-) *grin* make it someone you can play with! :)

  2. When I was six years old, I remember telling my mom that I was playing with myself after she asked me what I was doing in my room alone. She looked shocked and then asked why? I told her that since there was no one around to play with (my friend Tommy was not at home), I was playing with myself. Of course, six years old is far too young to masturbate.

    She then realized that I was not slapping the pony (so to speak), and told me that this was OK.

    She had a Mah Johng game that night with her lady friends (I grew up in the New York suburbs where Mah Johng is big), and one of her friends asked me what I was doing upstairs I proceeded to tell everyone in attendance that I was playing with myself! I also proceeded to tell the entire neighborhood that I played with myself "when there was no one around to play with".

    My poor mother. I remember our conversation on the subject:

    Mom "Little Eddi, please do not tell everyone you are playing with yourself! it is not nice."

    Little Eddi: Why mom?

    Mom: It just is not nice. You can tell people that you are playing your toys alone. You just cannot tell them you are playing with yourself.

    Little Eddi: But Why? If Tommy is not around, I am playing with myself. Why Mom?

    Eventually, through bribes (if you do not tell anyone you are playing with yourself for an entire week, you will get one dollar or something like this), I stopped telling people that I was playing with myself. It was not for many more years that I learned why I was being bribed not to say this!


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