Sunday, February 24, 2013

Topics of the Day

With Butch Diavolo I discussed oysters. pearls and correct cosmology. Oh, I almost forgot, we also talked about a**h***s (the bad variety)
With Ziggy Starsmith I talked about kidney stones and what we may expect of our spouses in moments of crisis. I also told him he had been added to a short list.

Kahvy Sands and I talked about taking the first step, just moving and breaking patterns and visits to Spurts Beach. (I should add that the last topic was a joke, or so he tells me...) Kahvy also reminded me about having seen the inside of his steam bath several years ago.

Photography by Dejerrity Mycron
My brother in-law Dejerrity Mycron and I talked about the Oscars, his outing with a friend and the lighthouse at Southern Charm.
P,S. We also discussed the best way to choose a handbag (seemingly for a friends niece - but I am not quite sure).


  1. And we were all in private I.M. discussing your firm ass in tight mesh jeans Mr McMillan. ;-)

  2. Hmmmmm why does this conspiracy make me think of a novel by John Kennedy Toole I wonder? ;)

    ...and the effrontery of addressing a laird with "Mr.", in certain countries that could get you shot, well deservedly so!


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