Friday, March 15, 2013


I blame Apmel! It's all his fault!

I blame Apmel, for drawing the attention of the Linden Gods to the existence of Solace Island by his art installation of penises!
Evidence photo by Kandinsky Beaumont,
neighbor, victim, evicted,homeless person
I blame Apmel, for drawing the attention of the whole art community and LEA to the existence of Solace Island by his constant defense of the obnoxious performance artist SaveMe Oh!
M Linden and SaveMe Oh, photo by the obnoxious artist herself
I blame Apmel, for drawing the attention of the moral majority and all decent avatars in-world to Solace Island by constantly running around naked - not only at his home sim - but also at every major art event in SecondLife since the beginning of SLT.
Through the above mentioned actions and more I blame Apmel for causing the eviction of my sister Millimina, my friend Kandinsky and many more from the Solace Island sim. I can well understand the Linden Gods for finally losing their patience with Apmel and putting pressure on the sim owners to shut down the place.

Come to Solace Island (SLurl) today at 2 PM SLT, to help Millimina, Kandinsky and the others to pack up their stuff and to blame Apmel for causing this disaster!

It's all Apmel's fault!


  1. im sorry it didnt do anything thing for me as such and im afraid same thing with the so called instalation a of save me of at the last solcance event. i just go (im sorry ppl who like save me oh) ohhhh bored and log off she is to me emmencly boring and doesnt contribute anything whatso ever to sl.... same old same old type old thing...i did go to the end of the sim as my clone tho

    1. It was a mess in the beginning and it flooded my graphic card - but it got better after awhile and was fun at the end. That's why it's important always to hang around until the end! ;)

  2. Vampi thanks for coming anyway and sorry you had a boring time.
    I am fully aware of the fact that SaveMe´s artshow cannot be liked by everybody.
    In the beginning we had some disturbance by an avatar that wanted to get back at SaveMe with the big white shining items. That´s why it was difficult to see what happened.
    But when that was over it was much fun.

  3. The big white items wasn´t Apmel´s fault, so there! Lots of people thanked SaveMe afterwards for a fantastic show btw. And Apmel is proud of Bock´s presumptions :)


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