Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Wedding of Benja & Ryce 3/23/2013

It's a bit late to publish these pictures from Benja's and Ryce's wedding last Friday, but I blame it on my Philip-flu. Please enjoy!
The guests gathered and we were all handled a candle when we arrived
The master of ceremonies Aeschylus Shepherd and the best men
When the happy couple has joined the rest of the wedding party under the tabernacle the ceremonies could begin
The wedding guests listening to the guys as they exchange their marriage vows, Benja's  list was short and sweet while Ryce's liste went on for a good while (although one of his vows was not to overwhelm Benja - and everyone else, I am sure - with his excellent typing capacity).
One of the sexier guests listening attentively to Ryce's vows.
More guests are dumbstruck by Ryce's speed typing,
especially the fact that it was free of typos.
After the wedding ceremony we moved into the ballroom of the castle for music, dance and cutting of cakes and much much more - for those who were feeling well enough to stay until the end..
The grooms are cutting the wedding cake.
I am dancing with Kharissa Indigo while Butch Diavolo is grooving in the background
Kharissa and I kept on dancing until I had to leave when my fever spiked,
we sure looked wonderful together


  1. Those are great photos and are very appreciated Bock! Thank you from Ryce, Benja, and myself for posting these (I am also Ryce Skytower in Second Life in case anyone is interested). We are glad
    that you made our wedding and please feel better and get some more rest!

  2. Thanks for coming Bock! And thanks for your post! We hope u enjoyed as we did. It was a really lovely wedding. Big hug!

  3. Bock your photos are amazingly clear and well done. BTW that sexier guest is my brother-in-law Orson, Sora's husband, who agrees with your analysis. Oh, It only took me 11.6 seconds to type this but people are not reading it live so it does not matter!

  4. Thank you so much Benja and Ryce/Eddi for inviting me! I had a wonderful time while I was there up until a few moments before I had to leave.

    Dear Eddi, thank you also for your kind words about my photography, it means a great deal for me seeing as it comes from one of the true masters of photography in SL.

    Darn Ziggy, were you working again?


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