Monday, March 18, 2013

"You Can Call Me Cupid!"

I celebrated Saint Patrick's Day at the Gay Archipelago yesterday.

My mood was excellent and I had bought a stunning new suit, fitting for the occasion, at Marketplace. The suit was a statement in itself which shouted to the world that here comes a fashion forward man with great confidence in himself and his impeccable taste. It was therefore rather disappointing to notice that my finery blended in beautifully with the unfortunate choice of carpeting for the venue.

Being me, I did not let this little adversity spoil my fun in the least.

I was accompanied to the party by my friend Butch Diavolo. The man had an excellent time mocking my wonderful outfit.

Within fifteen seconds of our arrival at the venue the impetuous man was nagging me to animate him. When I had fulfilled his wishes and turned my attention to the assembled guests, I soon noticed that he suddenly stopped dancing with me and was not dancing beside me anymore.

After looking around for him I saw that he had thrown himself at poor innocent Judas/Atreyu/Craig and was now dancing couples dances with the young man instead. Please notice where the eager young man has placed his large hand... even if it can hardly be noticed on Butch's huge ass which is as wide as a barn door.

I said to Butch, "Here I bring you to a dance and you dump me in the middle of the dance floor for a hormone-fueled young lad, whom you met little more than a fortnight ago?" Butch answered me in his usual sullen way, "I have known Judas a long time, I only re-met him at Garth's and Mitch's wedding."

Lately I have become aware of that my mere presence somewhere seems to be a catalyst for budding romantic entanglements around me. I informed Butch about this phenomenon and told him "You can call me Cupid!". He simply snorted at my profound insight.

As the two men started to draw the whole venues attention to themselves in the most scandalous way (they should really have gotten a room) I called in the cavalry in the shapes of first the sweet Ziggy and, a short while later, my son Guyke.

Although Guyke had to leave shortly afterwards, it was good to see him again as he has been away in first life. Ziggy has also been busy with his first life so it was good to get a few dances with him and catch up before I had to leave for my beauty sleep.


  1. I am so happy for Big Butt Butch (new name me thinks) but also happy Bock that you snapped a pic of our dance because I was on LL Official Viewer and for some reason it was lighting the world up like an airport and I could not tone down the glare, forcing me to return to Firestorm Viewer for the foreseeable future. I was glad to see Guyke also for a few brief moments before he disappeared in the glare. A few hours later however the glare was gone and Guyke was back ;-)

    1. I was happy to have you there again, Ziggy! And of course my little lovely brat too ;)

      Now don't you berate the Official Linden viewer, my pictures were taken with that viewer. Did you mess around with the settings?

  2. No. I think it gets too bright at natural sunrise/sunset on the viewer and then sticks making faces especially look too bright and washed out.
    The glare is gone on Firestorm but more importantly...GUYKE IS BACK!

    1. WooHoo! And it is great to have him back! ;)

    2. Do you think he really grasped what you meant babe?

  3. ok, there are so many things wrong with this post! Among otherthings that I do not have a big bum! Craigs hands are very small! Furthermore, one of the reasons I went to dance with Craig is that your outfit was so loud, that I couldn't hear the music!

    You were just jealous that I got to him first, admit it :P

    1. O.M.G. You finally read my blog! Well, no I really do not believe you have a big ass. It is actually a perfectly acceptable, perky, plump and bouncy little tush.

      Nah, I am not jealous at all, I am just happy that I was there to visit the miraculous event. You can call me Cupid! ;)

  4. Replies
    1. What? I really hope I did not offend you by pointing out you have big hands, it's a good thing you know!


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