Wednesday, May 15, 2013

European Song Contest 2013

The finals of the 58th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is taking place this week, on May 14, 16 and 18, 2013, in Malmö Arena in Malmö, Sweden. This is after the song "Euphoria", performed by Loreen, won last year's contest. 

A total of 39 countries are competing. Six countries are already qualified for the final on Saturday May 18, these are the so called "Big Five" (France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain and Spain) and the host country (Sweden). The remaining 33 countries compete for a place in the final in two semifinals held on Tuesday May 14 and Thursday May 16. 

The ten countries that receive the highest scores in each semifinal then take part in the final on Saturday May 18, together with the six countries that are already qualified.

The town of Malmö, where I work, has during the past week been flooded with European artists and  musicians with their large entourages and many thousands of fans. In a rather small town like Malmö their presence is highly noticeable.

Although the ESC has been quite popular in Sweden the last years (especially among the gays), the event doesn't attract the same huge attention in many of the other competing countries, with the possible exception of the gay communities there.

Even if I am not a huge fan of the event I will at least have to try watch the final on Saturday to understand what everyone will be talking about next week.


  1. Thank god Belgium and The Netherlands got through to the final. Yayy!!!

  2. Yeah. Anouk and her song "birds" made that the Netherlands qualified from the first semi-final. The last time the Netherlands qualified to the final was nine years ago in 2004.

  3. I wish Belgium and the Netherlands the best of luck in the competition! ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Are you calling my Bockilein a liar? I might have to reconsider my douze points to the Netherlands then :P

    2. You tell him Guykechen, how outrageous - and on my own blog too! Pffft But honestly, I actually do wish both your countries the best of luck.

      However, I must honestly inform you that I will be voting for Hungary, which of course will not win. My favorites never win, except in 2012... ;)

    3. My favourite won in 2012! Are we actually agreeing on something for once? OMG!

    4. Okay, I am sorry. You are both chauvinistic pigs. OMG.
      I not like soccer and I do not like the ESC but sometimes this is happens to me.
      OMG it is Mister Hyde in me. ;-))

    5. You calling me a pig? How dare you!

    6. O.M.G. you two, get a room will you! You guys are scaring away my straight readers by your brazen in-your-face gayness and love-quarrels.

      Oh, Guykechen, did you like Euphoria too?

    7. Well it got my douze points :) Much to the dismay of my then Finnish Bf!

  5. you know we dont give s*** about the event as such however we had a strole around out town (helsingborg which in in the range of erorovision ppl) as such today and we came across some pll weareing eourovision tags from estonia wakling around our town lookubg very happy YES we had a lovely day and éverWE did strole around the city 8thinky oh that hhehe)
    a froend of mind was in malmö this week work lrealted and cpourld not find any whehere to live so she had to go to lund to stay(of corurse she courld have have stayedw whith me but worh said hotle.... eorovisoon takes up hotel up and down our countryside...

  6. sorry for my bad spelling but i blame it on the LUZ ..look it up ...we love it:)


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