Sunday, May 26, 2013

Like Riding A Bicycle

Just a picture of a hot guy I once found on Torro Spyker's blog The Bullring
It is often said that sex is like riding a bicycle, that once you have learned the skill it is never forgotten.

I don't believe in that wisdom any more. The more I think about it, the more nervous I become. And - to be quite honest - I have started thinking about it a lot lately.

I of course remember the basics of bicycling. There is a handlebar that you steer with, two wheels (usually), a saddle, two pedals and a bell. You have to get your body on to the saddle and start moving the pedals to move ahead while keeping your balance. The momentum has to be enough not to keel over.

It's a bit more difficult with sex, because then you are dealing with a person and not an object. It is all about the interaction and not so much what to do but when it is the right moment for both of you to do it, what ever "it" happens to be, whether it is kissing, hugging, licking etc.

When I was around thirty years old I willed myself into celibacy for a whole year. The reason for this was that I felt I had wasted myself on too many meaningless and boring one night stands. I felt sordid and seedy and had lost all respect for myself and my body.

I made it through the year, even if it was a struggle. Sometimes - especially during the weekends - I would rub myself so raw and chafed that I could hardly walk normally from the pain. When the year had ended it was a great relief although it took me about two weeks to get my act together again.

This time we are talking about over three years of celibacy. I joke about it sometimes, but in many ways it is as if my virginity actually had grown back and I seem to have lost all my former confidence.


  1. Don't be so silly within 5 minutes of taking the plunge you will be full tits to the wind with legs kicking in the air as you "yahoo" and "yeehaw" and cursing orders like a sailor.... ;-)

    1. ROFL, I am not sure I can rely on your counsel, what are your qualifications for that statement?

      And please also enlighten me on how many sailors you have been in bed with, what port you met them in and what the orders were...?

  2. You silly Swede, why do you think I am cruising the Blake Seas in a sailboat in a tight mesh speedo and no shirt ;-)
    The sailors can be foul mouthed and their sexual prowess is legendary however all I managed was a handjob from Popeye last month :-)

    1. Hahaha Ziggychen, you wild and crazy man! Love you buddy!


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