Friday, May 24, 2013

Swedish Boycott of Bock?

A while back I asked for applications (post url) from kissable Swedish avatars to join me in catering to the International community on the third annual International Kiss-A-Swede Day in SecondLife.

To date I have received a positive response from only one (1) Swedish avatar, the sweet miss Helene Dragoone. Although I am certain the two of us - with enough time - will be able to manage the onslaught of craving International guests, it would be better and faster if we were joined by a few more kissable Swedes.

I am not at all sure what has caused the Swedish community to drag their heels or if this is an outright boycott of me. If it is a question of something I may have said and done, it would of course be much better if I was informed about it and was given the possibility to make amends or at least clarify.

Anyway, if you should happen to be interested please send your information to Bock's email or just drop a note card on the laird's profile in SecondLife. The e-mail or the note card should include your full SecondLife (searchable) name and specify if you have any special needs or requests that the organizers need to arrange for.


  1. Oh both yourself and the beautiful Helene is well worth the trip to Sweden mmmmmm

    1. The two of us will do our utmost to make you and everyone else that drops in happy to have chosen to celebrate Kiss-A-Swede Day with us!


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