Saturday, June 8, 2013

At the Opening of "Viva l'Italia"

I was invited to the opening of my friend Eddi Haskell´s photo-exhibition "Viva l'Italia" today. my son Guyke accompanied me to.the opening, partly because I always like to hang with him, partly as my chaperon to keep me out of trouble. 

We were a little late in arriving because we had wasted a lot of time getting dressed. After starting out in full gala with tuxedos that could have fit in well at the royal wedding in Stockholm today, we dressed down until we were in extremely casual attire. 

When we arrived the party had already filled up with a host of beautiful men and some women. Mikedacook "Mikey" Dinzeo was the DJ of the evening. I enjoyed his music thoroughly while talking with Guyke in voice and the other guests in local or Instant Message, all the while hungrily looking at the men at the venue - one in particular whom I will spare the embarrassment of being mentioned here. 

Many of my buddies or long time acquaintances were at the party like Eddi and Benja, Garth and Mitch, Rico and Avacar, Mikey's partner Robin, Judas, Mattias, Khar and Christo,.but also many men and women that I did not know - yet

All in all, I had a great time, enjoying the beautiful photographs, the great music and the pleasant conversation. .
Guyke and I admiring one of Eddi's works
I and my favorite among the beautiful photographs
Brent (I was to distracted by his hotness to catch his last name), a
 mysterious and silent stranger with a sexy avatar. I noticed he had rezzed
in 2009, which means he is  like 15-20 years younger than myself
My buddy Christo Spyker.
What is this thing with Dutch men and their bare feet, I wonder?
Christo grooving
My friend, the always charming Kharissa Indigo,
mskes a fashion statement as always
The exhibition will continue until the end of June, I highly recommend you pay it a visit at The Eddi Haskell Gallery (SLurl)

More pictures can be found at my buddies blogs, Eddi Haskell's Second Life and Benja Aquila's Second Life


  1. Thank you so much for this Bock! I am rerunning this article in my blog tonight. Your photography is great! And thanks for that comment Rhino!


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