Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Early Notice

My eyesight is getting worse almost by the day. Since childhood I have only really had one functional eye. Although my left eye looks normal and moves around as it should, I have never been able to use it for anything other than peripheral vision (I can see things coming at me from the left). No visual aids can correct it.

My right eye is hyperopic (farsighted) with astigmatism and I have used glasses or lenses since I was three. Until about two years ago I could see very well with correctional aids, but I started having problems reading smaller text, like text-messages, on my cellphone. As this problem accelerated I went to my optician and told him I thought I needed a new prescription, but after the examination I was told that my eyesight hadn't changed much from the previous examination. Anyhow I ended up with a new pair of reading glasses after that visit.

Then I started noticing that things got blurry and doubled. If I was looking at something I saw sort of a shadow image slightly off which blurred the whole image. A visit to the eye-doctor, I was diagnosed with having cataracts but the silly woman told me it was too early to operate even if I tried to convince her of my unfortunate situation. 

Two months ago a nearsighted colleague at work had laser surgery done on his eyes, he came back to work a few days later with perfect vision. He suggested I should make an appointment with that place and get a check-up there to see if they could help. Two weeks after this my 83 y.o. mother had both her eyes operated on (at the same time), her sight is now nearly perfect also. 

I must be able to read and write easily, as those and my devious brain are the tools of my trade. There is also the possibility .that my drivers licence could be recalled as I may no longer fulfill the requirements set. It doesn't help me at all to get an operation later in life, I need it now to be able to work properly.

So a few weeks ago I went to the clinic where I after a full and extensive examination was told that they could help me if my left eye had not been in such a poor condition. As the situation was they refused to perform any operation on my right eye. They however referred me to a specialist on eye surgery for a second opinion. A short while afterwards I had an appointment for an examination with a possible operation on Monday June 17th.

So on the first morning of my upcoming vacation I am hoping to get operated on. If the surgeon seems to hesitate I am going to bargain, argue, plead, beg and possibly even threaten him to make him perform the operation.   As the main - but minute - risk with the operation is the possibility of infection I am also going to tell him I can come to the clinic as often as he wishes for them to keep that risk at bay.

Although both my colleague and my mother noticed immediate improvements, I am not sure what to expect for myself, so I wanted to inform you not to worry if there are no posts for a couple of days.


  1. Good luck Bock but from what i understand there is not much of a recovery. My mom had it done for cataracts and it was a huge success and she really only recovered for a few hours.

  2. Let's hope the operation is a great success. Crossing my fingers!

  3. I know many peeps who had it done and was well worth it.

  4. Replies
    1. Haha dear Kandi, you are all woman I can attest to that fact.

      Actually I believe "guys" is an accepted form of addressing a group of people regardless of their gender.


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