Sunday, June 9, 2013

How Could I Forget?

A few months before I rezzed into SecondLife in March of 2007 I had broken off a three year long affair with a married man in first life.

I have never seen it as my responsibility to decide or influence how other people lead their lives or how they handle their other relationships, neither do I wish to pass any moral judgement on their attitude towards extramarital affairs. The only person whos actions I can judge and wish to influence are my own. In my own relationships I have not accepted anything except total commitment, trust and loyalty. Infidelity is never an option.

The first life affair left me totally drained of all self-respect and confidence in myself. Of course I accept that a person who is involved with someone and/or has a family must give them the highest priority, that goes without saying. However, even with that knowledge it doesn't mean that I must be the one they have their fling with.

It took a lot of time and effort on Ars' part to rebuild me from what I had become during that affair. I cannot understand how I suddenly forgot the lesson learned and was prepared to throw it all away just because of my sexual desperation.

Today I sent a message to the man I have been chatting and planning a date with on a Swedish cruising site, that I am no longer interested in meeting him for a sexual encounter but that I would like to continue our friendship.


  1. Maybe another lame comment but

    Good for you.

    1. Yeah, I am hoping that, but let me tell you it is not easy for a 40+ man to find a nice, unattached gay man, most of the me my age and older are looking for twinks (younger and boyish). Still I am not giving up! ;)

  2. Dear Bock!
    Being ONLY 40+ you WILL meet someone to have a good loving relation with. I know that.


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