Monday, June 24, 2013

The Redecoration Project

When Ars and I moved in at Southern Charm, just before or after New Years Day 2007/2008 (I cannot remember at the moment), we were in a hurry to get settled in before my vacation ended and the clubs in SecondLife, with whom Ars worked both as a DJ and as a manager for The Sarco Sound Group, started getting busy again after the holidays.
We rented the house and 12,000 sqm (two parcels) because we had both fallen in love with the house sitting over the beautiful waterfall. The house was a part of the deal and the landowner expressly preferred that we kept it a it was. The house is a prefab from one of the biggest suppliers of such homes in SecondLife.

Ars and I did the interior decorating of the second floor and the kitchen and bathroom on the ground floor  ourselves. When we realized that we were running out of time and would not be ablé to get the living room area ready we discussed it and decided to get the readymade package of furniture for that room from the supplier. It was an interesting moment and a new experience for me when i suddenly found myself sitting in front of my computer controlling all the prearranged furniture with my cursor. I was told by Ars not to let go before we had it in the right place because if i did we would have to arrange every individual ugly item ourselves. Luckily I made it without problems (not counting a very high pulse rate) and I believe Ars was really proud of me, for the very first time.

This arrangement was meant to be a temporary measure that we would take care of at the first convenient moment ourselves. Alas that time never came. I detested the living room furniture from the start, and I believe Ars did so too.

When I the other day realized how much I hated it I finally decided to take action. I decided what to do and considered the possible options carefully. When I had thought everything through I contacted my buddy Butch Diavolo, who is an excellent interior decorator.

We discussed the matter and he agreed to help me. We also decided that the first thing he should do was see if he could find a better house that would fit on the top of hill over the water falls. A house that I could have full rights over, as the present one is still owned by the former landlady (who has since left SecondLife) which means I am not able to change anything about it..

If he could not find a good enough house we would settle for redecorating the living room and the adjacent reading room. Butch would, with his expertise and exquisite taste, tell me what to buy and in what quantity whereafter I would rez them in the house for him to move them around. If we needed to do anything about the house itself we would find some suitable workaround ( I have been thinking of Potemkin villages a lot lately). We will cross those bridges when we come to them.

It was with great joy I set about deleting all the shitty stuff in the living room and reading room. The rooms looked much better when the furniture was gone, even if they were empty.


  1. I'll be sneaking in regularly to check on your progress. No doubt you and Butch will create a fabulous new living space.

    1. I am going to ban you from the sim!!! ;P

  2. Exiciting! New house and new furniture... I am curious, I wonder will what do you like? A secluded private grotto? A treehouse with a view? A glimmering sphere? A sandcastle on the beach?
    I suspect a villa but it has to be something extra!
    Hugs and kisses and thanks for the great saucer.

    1. Yes, it feel really exciting! I am so happy that I finally acted and got things rolling.

      Well, I am not quite sure what it will be as I am still waiting for suggestions from my consultant. I should think though that it would be something magnificent like a palatial villa or a modernistic chateau of some sort to befit my station, after all there are not many lairds in SecondLife are there?

      I am afraid grottos, treehouses and sandcastles are definitely ruled out, I don't suppose my consultant would even dare come back to me with such a preposterous suggestion.

      I am happy you enjoyed Regi's saucer, I personally have had great fun with it and am sure going to keep on enjoying it!


  3. It is great to clean out your eavestroughs and spray for insects every once in a while and when all is done I demand a tour.

    1. You will be one of the first to be welcomed to see it, buddy! ;)


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