Monday, July 8, 2013

Bara & Free Are Back

Star grooves
Vampi sings along

Yesterday we witnessed the long awaited and longed for return of Bara Jonson and Free Balan to SecondLife.

The two have been on your in first life to Germany and they have therefore not appeared in-world for several months.

I was - of course - at the venue of the "comeback" together with two of the other most adamant Bara-supporters, namely Mrs. Vampi Twine DeSantis McMillan McMillan (honorary) and Starlight "Star" Gentil

At the venue were also assembled a modest but enthusiastic crowd of other live music lovers. 
Before I could enjoy the show I was forced to derender three huge waterfalls that surrounded the main stage. These were beautiful to look at, but the loud sounds of water falling was a real nuisance at a venue where one comes to listen to live music. Sometimes I just don't understand what certain people are thinking of when they design their venues. (I am now stopping myself from going into a rant about another live music venue that has/had about 1,013 frogs and toads emitting sounds.)
Bara's and Free's voices marry wonderfully and give you warm shivers down the back accompanied by warm and fuzzy feelings. All of us at the show had a great time and enjoyed a good show together. 

Welcome back to SecondLife Bara and Free, now please wait awhile before you both go on prolonged tours in first life again!

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