Monday, July 8, 2013

SP Annual Membership Meeting 2013

The annual Second Pride membership meeting was held yesterday. It was a well visited meeting that was conducted in an orderly fashion. Extra seats had to rezzed as more members than expected turned up.
My pictures are all  taken at an early time in the proceedings,
I should think we were twice as many when the meeting ended.
Larz Kas looking hot in a new cap with Jarred, in the second row
I and Jared Palianta and at the far back to the right Eric Quimby.
Nigel Riel (far left), Marcellias (center) and HerrDirektor /far right)
From left to right, SquirtN, Mr. G. and Dextrum
From left to right, Doc, Baz, Tootsie and Kharissa
The most important stuff that occurred at the meeting was the information pertaining to the upcoming elections of the new Second Pride Board.

This is from the Second Pride website. Please note it contains important information about 
1) eligibility to the board, 
2) voting privileges in the election, as well as 
3) a need for you - in certain instances - to update your personal information on the Second Pride website so that your vote will not be discarded. 

Election Dates and Procedures:
  • Candidate declarations will be accepted from July 7th through midnight SLT July 21st. per the by laws.
  • Only Members of the Second Pride Group will be considered and their declaration must be accompanied by a “candidate Statement” which will be done on the website. (No one will be able to declare after midnight on the 21st)
  • Candidates will be announced on the website and their candidate statements published on the forums on July 22nd. Members will be able to question the candidates for a period of ten days ending at midnight August 1st.
  • On August 2nd Candidates may make their final statements
  • From August 2nd through midnight slt on August 4th the forums will be closed from further discussion . Members are encouraged to view the candidates final statements .
  • Voting will commence at 00:01AM August 5th through midnight August 9th
  • You must have joined the Second Pride Festival Group by midnight August 4th to be able to vote for your candidates.
  • At this time the election committee will certify the results of the election and announce to the membership those results no later than midnight August 12th.
  • On August 18th at 11AM slt The new Board will be installed and have their 1st meeting as a Board of Second Pride. The existing Board will step down at that time and any transfers will take place at that time.
  • Candidates: Candidate Declaration Form

You MUST be a member of the Second Pride in-world group before Midnight August 4th to be eligible to vote. The election committee will be cross referencing the online votes received against the in-world membership list. Please be sure to click on your name at the bottom of this screen [on the website, my remark] (to view and/or update your online profile. Make sure your Second Life Avatar name is part of your profile so that your vote can be verified against the in-world membership.

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