Sunday, July 7, 2013

When the Europeans Are Asleep...

...some of the best parties happen - without us!

This morning I woke up at around six thirty (6:30AM ) local time after a good nights sleep. I decided to log in to SecondLife to see what was happening at this ungodly hour for us Europeans.

Well let me tell you, everyone else was awake (meaning the Australian, New Zealanders, Asians and North and South Americans) and they were all partying without us. Can you imagine that? It seems the best parties happen when we are asleep, dammit.

My old friend Sarco sent me an invitation to his set at Club Echoes, so I went of course after getting Bock in working order (see previous post), and hauling Jared Palianta's sorry ass with me. (Well, it was the other way around actually because he got there before me. Dressing is not easy for me, even if I am not as bad as some others I could mention but choose not to... yet.)

Sarco's music was - as always - brilliant and we all had a great time. I and Sarco took the opportunity to get updated on each other's loves, lives and how we juggle them.

Here are some more pictures.
Cupric, Eli, Sarco, Jared, myself, Todd ,Tor & Prætor
Sarco, looking better than ever - he must be working out...
When the party ended I realized I need some more sleep, so I hit the sack again to sleep for another two hours.

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