Sunday, August 18, 2013

Neon - A Very Special Show

Yesterday I had the special privilege of being invited by my friend Holter to a special performance of "Neon" by the Spirit Light Dance Company in honor of WayneNZ's birthday month.
It was an extraordinary production with well synchronized dancing set to contemporary music. The dancers were all dressed in bright and colorful outfits to, and here I quote from the monologue for the show, "...reflect the beauty of our oneness, while rejecting the monotony of sameness, in bright expressions of diverse color and design. Spirit Dancers dance as one company, but unique bursts of light glow from each individual. Spirit Light."
Holter, WayneNZ & I
Despite my highly informal attire for an occasion like this I was heartily welcomed by WayneNZ and the rest of audience. We were a small select group as the marketing of the event had been deliberately careful to keep the lag at a minimum.
Now over to the show!

The Opening Dance


You Raise Me Up

 True Colors

I a well aware of that I am sometimes accused of saying that everything I encounter is "awesome", "wonderful" and "beautiful", but I will not care about those evil minded bitches, because those exact words come to my mind when I am reliving this experience, together with "inspirational", "fantastic""exuberant", "explosive", "marvellous", "fabulous","moving", "well coordinated" and "breathtaking".

If you ever get the honor of being invited to a performance by the Spirit Dance Company, jump at it without hesitation. You will not regret it!

Let me link you to a few video recordings of their previous shows Spirit Dance Company - videos
Guyke, WayneNZ & Holter dancing after the show
Sexy redhead dancer after the show


  1. Wow looks wonderful and I am sorry Holter for missing it but I had not been on SL awhile and honestly forgot about it my first day back on.
    I may need to be spanked!

    1. Yes you must certainly do need it, however I will leave that pleasure to Holter!


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