Friday, August 9, 2013

Ruffled Feathers

It seems that my previous post "Rumors..." has annoyed and irritated some of the candidates. I have, among other things, been accused of rumor mongering and for tarnishing the name of Second Pride.
Arlain Morrison "Ruffled Feathers II"
Today I have been asked by two different candidates (names withheld) in IM never to mention their names on my blog again. I have replied that if they get elected to the board of Second Pride they will most likely be mentioned from time to time in the future. To one of them I also added that I would most certainly mention his/hers name if he/she was elected and then immediately resigned.

My intention with the post was simply to remind the candidates what they had promised us voters during the campaign, not to hurt their delicate feelings.


  1. OMG should I be so bad as to write whole page essays using their names ;-)

  2. The whole thing reminds me of a passage from W. T. Witomski's book 'Kvetch', in which he compares the gay social scene to the Wars of the Spanish Succession. To paraphrase, 'bitter, prolonged, and almost completely uninteresting to anyone not involved'.
    I wholly wish best of luck to ALL of the candidates, and I hope whoever wins has the energy and attention that Second Pride will demand of them!

    1. hear, hear! I could not agree more ;)

    2. OMFG!!! Could not have said it better myself.


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