Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Re-Opening of Whim

During one of our talks last week I mentioned to my son, that he and I had known and loved too many DJ's in SecondLife. The statement is of course true, I would never lie to you all about something so important as love. I am, however, not quite sure what I meant with the comment, because I would not wish not having known and been given the opportunity of loving any of them.
Anyway, last night one of the DJ's my son and I know and love, the incredible, brilliant, sublime and - not to forget - humble Butch Diavolo invited us to the re-opening of his Club Whim, which for no particular reason, other than a whim of the genius himself, was shut down before the summer.
Butch wishes us to think of this as a new club "The Whim - Part Deux", but to me it's still the old Whim in a more dilapidated condition. (Dilapidation is actually more difficult to get right than making something look fresh and new, as the genius will willingly tell you.)
Myself, Guyke, Kiri, Nicky, Butch and Spanki
Guyke, I and the rest of the patrons were treated to one of Butch's best sets of trance music in SecondLife yet. I was almost knocked speechless, which is no easy feat.
Butch and Spanki
Aisha with Pite behind


  1. I had an amazing time. Thank you Butchken :D

  2. Aww! *blush* thank you so much :D I am glad you (and guyke) enjoyed it.

  3. Im sorry I missed it Butch but you know me and my bloody work schedule xxx


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