Sunday, September 22, 2013

Life Is A Cabaret @ Spinners

Yesterday I gave ya'll the prologue, well parts of it, because I said nothing about the many, many hours I spent shaving my face and every nook and cranny of my body. In some hard-to-reach places I even had to beg for assistance by an unnamed hair-remover. But let's forget about those traumatic moments now, suffice it to say that it takes some pain to be pretty.

Guykita, Butchette and the radiant Bocquerelle arrived to the venue on the specified time only to find that we were the only three in full drag, well except for Andy Long and his beautiful husbands, Story and Sutry. Not only that but - to add disaster to discomfort - it turned out there was an alpha layer on the ballroom floor that made Butchette's and my amazing gowns from Paris Metro disappear. "Alpha on alpha, just doesn't work, as every noob knows!", said Butchette (or something to that effect) as we moved on to the stage (which was non-alpha).
Guykita, Butchette & Bocquerelle
Photo by Butch Diavolo 
Butchette looking absolutely divine
Photo by Butch Diavolo
Isn't it amazing what can be accomplished with highlights and lowlights? Just look at Butchette's wonderful bosom, who would think that if you saw him from the side he was as flat chested as he always is.
The radiant Ms Bocquerelle, lairdess of Southern Charm etc.
Photo by Butch Diavolo
Story, Andy & Sutry Long
Kharissa, Pieni & Larz Kas
Poor little Pieni, was threatened by Butchette to be skinned and made into shoes. Brave little Pieni was not frightened by the bully because - as I was told later - "Lol he wuld have been in real trouble then. I has sharp teethies and twelve protective uncles. AND aunties and cousins. Hehe".

After a grueling two hour period eventually more and more people started showing up in the requested attire, although some were still not confident enough.
Former Second Pride Chair Doc Spad with one of our DJ's for the evening Karl Kalchek. 
Ms. Regina Yifu (in a creation she made herself) joined Butchette and me in a dance
Andy Long, the second DJ of the evening, surrounded by wives and a sister
We even had the pleasure of being joined by the renowned SecondLife
performance artist SaveMe Oh for a while (before she was kicked out
for creating lag with her sheep and meadows rezzed all over the ballroom)
Butchette, I and my brother in-law Dej with some of SaveMe's sheep
A dazzling beauty whose name I am afraid I have forgotten.
I am not even sure if she was in drag or is a woman.
Well known party goer, illustrious blogger and curmudgeonly Co-Chair of
Second Pride Petr Hastings-Vanbeeck (someone has to keep the others in line)
Hotboy Lockjaw, our last DJ for the evening, for the occasion dressed as Ms Dolly Parton


  1. So fun to see you all up close. I miss a picture of Guyke though up close. You all looked like you had a wonderful time. :)

    1. You can see a close up of Guykita in the previous post, dahliiink! ;)

  2. Are you sure SaveMe is a drag or a woman, buddy?

  3. Thank you for answering Apmels loaded question yourself, SaveMe, I was going to say "SaveMe is all sexes and none, she merely is!"


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