Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Rezday, Mr. Ashdene

Today is the fifth rezday of the stunning, amazing and delicious man Tomais Ashdene. Happy fifth rezday, Tomais!
"Lumber Camp" by Tomais Ashdene
I am happy that Tomais has reached the age when he can be trusted to be careful around sharp objects, especially when it comes to his more delicate body parts... It would be a pity indeed if "anything" happened to be chopped off by mistake during a photo shoot.

For more of Tomais wonderful photography, please visit PhotoMonkey SL.


  1. Why, thank you Mr. McMillan. And yay, a birthday pic of my in my birthday suit. er... rezday that is... hehehe :-)

  2. What a huge chopper.

    1. Ooo so you noticed that beautifully crafted axe too, huh?

    2. Ooo yes. It's certainly well crafted and beautiful.


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