Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mission of Mercy

My prospective lover and I decided to go out motorboating yesterday. As Butch logged into SecondLife just as Tomais was preparing the boat he was invited to join us.
After we had been out to sea, enjoying the sun, wind and pleasant conversation (although I was secretly irritated by Butch shamelessly flaunting his huge bulge at my boyfriend) Tomias informed us that he had received a "Mayday"-call. Apparently the Prince of Paradijs, my son and heir, had been out flying with Dex Moleno in one of my son's latest toys (The big spender bought no less than t-w-o airplanes yesterday) and had now crashed somewhere in the middle of the Blake Sea.

I suggested to Tomais that we should ignore it and let the princeling stew a while on the desolate island, but the man has a heart of gold and was by the steering wheel so it was - after a little bickering on my part - decided that we would be merciful and pick Guyke up anyway.
When we arrived at the island the poor princeling was huddling by a fire and looked like a drowned cat, at that moment my heart overflowed (temporarily) with warm and fuzzy feelings and I was happy that I had been persuaded.
Having picked up Guyke we continued the trip across the Blake Sea and later ended up getting merman-outfits and merman-AO's, but thats another post.


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    1. Thank the beautiful windlight settings at the Blake Sea, buddy, I just focused, snapped and edited very little. ;)

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    1. Next time, Ziggy, there will always be another time! ;)


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