Thursday, November 21, 2013

Prostitution in SecondLife

When I was at the SL Shoetopia Fair yesterday to pick up a few shoes at the Valiant showcase I saw a really tacky female avatar pass by and couldn't help but follow her with my cam.

Suddenly I was passed a notecard named "Prices and rates", which informed me that she charged L$1.500 for 15 minutes of voice chat and L$500 for 15 minutes of text chat.

I also received the following Instant Message:
ღT-------e S-.J---- B------dღ: "Don't just stare, pay and play!"
ღT-------e S-.J---- B------dღ: "Wooo!~!"

I immediately blocked her!

The whole experience reminded me of an experience I had when visiting Munich, Germany, when I was 25 years old, and happened to stray off the main streets in broad daylight, it was around 12PM local time. As I was passing what I thought were two elderly hausfraus standing at a door talking with each other, one of them (who looked to be my grandmothers age at the time) turned to me and said "Willst du mit, schatz?" ("Do you want to come with me, honey?"). I couldn't believe what I heard so I asked "Wie bitte?" ("Excuse me?") and when she repeated her question I answered "Nein danke, gnädige Frau" ("No thanks, ma'am!") and hastily moved away shuddering, sweating and blushing all over.

I felt the same embassament at that time as I did yesterday at the fair. Can't an innocent, sweet, gay guy walk about minding his own business looking at shoes without being accosted by "working girls" anymore?


  1. It works both ways buddy. When I was working nights in Stockholm I was asked if I wanted a blow job from gay guys :)

    1. Well Apmelito, considering how delicious you look can you blame them for trying? Take it as a compliment and give them one of your dazzling smiles when you decline their offer! ;)

      It's not like we can always determine if a certain man is straight or gay - my own gaydar is completely dysfunctional - and sometimes it happens that even straight men actually accept such offers from other men...


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