Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fact vs. Fiction

I saw this on someones timeline on Facebook yesterday, but cannot remember whose.
The humble carpenter Jesus of Nazareth and his teachings have been completely distorted throughout history, especially for political purposes.

Jesus has been turned into a fictional character by those who most adamantly purport that he was the son of the almighty deity and claim to follow his teachings to the letter, the fundamentalist "born-again" Christian sects and their politicized branches.

Preachers of these sects and politicians of the Conservative and Christian Democratic parties all over the world and the Tea Party movement in the United States have through the ages used Jesus as a vessel to further all their bigoted and discriminatory inclinations and putrid purposes.

It is refreshing to sometimes remember the carpenter as he actually was, according to the testimonials in the New Testament. It is, however, sad that I as an atheist should need to remind the "true-believers" of the facts about their deity. They have utterly misused the man and his teachings.

If it were not for Christians I would most likely be a follower myself, but of the man not the deity

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