Thursday, January 2, 2014

Creating A New Blogheader

Urban, trendy, edgy and even sexy, were some of the words being thrown about when I discussed the new header picture for Bock in SecondLife with my boyfriend Tomais - and at the time soon to be husband although we were unaware of that - when he had agreed to help  me.
Header  for Bock in SecondLife,. Photographer Tomais Ashdene.
Although I at one point halfheartedly suggested that I perhaps should be naked while draped over the O, that was vetoed by both Tomais and Guyke. As both of them are well known for their good taste, I did not force my will in the matter.

At my brother Dej's request we added a "Dej was here" on the condom vending machine, which I thought was a nice touch.
Otherwise this shoot was a another backbreaking experience with my Tomais muttering to himself while taking shots and fiddling with lighting and Photoshop, luckily Guyke was there to entertain me through it all.

I am extremely happy with the result and hope that you like it also!


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