Sunday, January 26, 2014

Swedish Marines Rule

Swedish marines having fun during their spare time with John Travolta's "Greased Lightning".

See if you can spot the gay sex scenes strewn throughout the video! I found four after looking through it twenty times, but some say there are five...

Assistance for those of you who need it after the jump, click "Read more>>" below.

0:50 mark
spotted by Petr "Eagle Eye" Hastings Vanbeeck
1:00 mark 
2:16 mark
2:24 mark
3:05 mark


  1. OK - if I am not mistaken there appears to be a BJ happening at about 0:50 on the left back of the jeep as you look at it.

    1. YAY, you spotted another one Petr! And its not a BJ it's a fuck.


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