Sunday, February 23, 2014

DJ Butch's Final Set - For Now...

Yesterday my sweet friend Butch Diavolo informed all of us that he, for personal reasons, had decided to go on an indefinite hiatus from SecondLife.

Butch's s final set before the break was at Q Lounge yesterday and many of his fans and friends came there to thank him and to say "au revoir", all of us adamantly refusing to say goodbye to a beloved friend and DJ.
Butch characteristically without shoes

Ziggy Starsmith
I have always found it extremely difficult to say farewell to someone who has meant much to me, someone who is close and that I care deeply about. Especially in SecondLife, where "taking a break" often enough seems to lead to quitting the virtual world altogether.

Of course I do not question Butch's decision. He is the only one fit to make it and I am sure that he has thought it through before coming to this conclusion, but I will miss him. Butch has always been extremely helpful, kind, caring, loving towards me, although I have gotten my fair share of his ever flowing sarcastic humor.

For now I am content with the reassurance that Butch is doing what he believes he must do and his promise to me that he will in fact attend The Elopement Party that I and Tomais are throwing on March 8th.

Ik vind je zeer veel en zal je missen, mijn vriend! Kom terug naar ons straks weer, wanneer je voelt dat je de energie. (Google Translated, so if it says I want your hot body pressed to mine, it is accurate!)


  1. My beautiful, Dutch friend Butch and his extremely sensitive, sexy bare feet are going nowhere. He will be back otherwise his feet will be locked tight into a wooden stockade and stroke and tickled with a feather and Qtips until he thrashes his way free!

    1. You tell him, Ziggy! As we all know you are the only one he's scared of!


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