Sunday, February 9, 2014

Early Morning

This morning I woke up just around 8.30 AM, much earlier than usual on a Sunday. Although I had only slept for about five hours, I felt well rested and ready to face the world and what the day could bring me.

While I was waiting for the coffee to brew I logged into Facebook to check on what people had been up to. There I got a call from my son Guyke to come in-world, my hubby was having problems sleeping. I got a cup of my newly brewed, wonderfully smelling coffee and logged into my other life and on Skype to see if I could help. 

Soon after I had joined the two I established that my Tomais was overtired and all tensed up from sleep deprivation and body aches, what he needed most of all was to relax, to allow his body to get the much needed sleep. I shooed my son away and ordered my man to join me in the bed at the beach house.

With my husband laying in my arms, we slowly talked and shared things about our first lives and our SecondLifes.  I was mostly listening, trying to comfort him and sometimes telling him there was nothing urgent for him to do on Sunday, he could sleep all day if he needed to. All would still be well.

After a while I could hear his breathing getting slower and deeper and I knew we were on the right track. Finally my darling told me that he was going to get up from the floor, where he had been resting during our talk, and go to bed to try and sleep again. We said our farewells and hopefully my sweet husband slept well. 

I returned to Southern Charm, to take a look at the new corner with a pergola that we had set up on Saturday. It looked wonderful, so I jumped into the water and took a swim with my shark Jaws and then sat in the pergola enjoying the breeze, the birds chirping and the calmness while thinking to myself how amazing it was to be happy again.

P.S. And then I log into Facebook again and see that Tomais was up two hours ago, so maybe he still didn't get much sleep despite my efforts. Damn!


  1. Don't berate yourself lover. You helped tremendously. It's not always about quantity, but quality and the 4 hours of deep sleep I got after we cuddled helped a lot!


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