Saturday, March 29, 2014

Male Bonding In SecondLife

When my genius and well adjusted husband Tomais was asked by his housemate what he, Dej and I were up to yesterday evening, he responded: "Male Bonding at its best in SecondLife, we are tinting our dicks."

At that point we could hear Tomais's housemate, a woman, breaking down in frantic laughter for some unknown reason. Women are strange, aren't they?

Tomais and I had bought Dej a new Aeros Magnus and a pair of new Ispachi feet for his upcoming first life birthday and Tomais was helping Dej tint the new items while I said some encouraging words from time-to-time.

First things first, we of course had to start with tinting the cock.

I must say, I do think the boys did an excellent job!


  1. Did the sun do a good job babes?

    1. Pffft BM, you are old enough to know that you do not get a sunburned d**k in SecondLife. If you want one you either have to make one yourself or buy one and tint it ;)

  2. Good job. Maybe you should start a cock tinting business? I'd like that job in Real Life.

    1. Tomais alas has an other occupation, but I am sure he could make this a lucrative hobby if he should wish to do so.

      Through my long and vast experience of looking at SecondLife cock's I can definitely say there is a huge market of dicks who need an expert tinting badly...

      In first life I am not certain the demand would be as great, but as I have heard there is a growing market for "anal bleaching" and other similar treatments I would say: Go for it, buddy, make it a career! ;)

    2. From my long experience of looking at Second Life cock, I have to agree that there is a desperate need for expert tinting services which is why I suggested it.

      I'm not sure what anal bleaching is, but I think I'll pas on that as a career. Will have to go back to dreaming about porn film director. :)


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