Sunday, March 9, 2014

Miss Wigstock 2014 - Seeking Contestants, Bloggers, a Videographer & Sponsors

I am pleased to share this press release from Gay Archipelago with you all, as my family has a stake in this contest ever since my brother Dejerrity Mycron won third place a couple of years ago. (Between us, he should have won of course!)

Dates to remember for Miss Wigstock 2014  
  • March 21 - Contestant entries due
  • April 19 - Preliminary events  
  • April 27 - Miss Wigstock 2014, final event


Sign-ups for Miss Wigstock 2014 contestants are due by March 21st, 2014.  

Please fill out a notecard that you have named "Miss Wigstock 2014 Entry (your name)" with the required information (see below) and send it to Ricogenu and/or Parvin (a.k.a. Xcept Atlas) prior to March 21, 2014. 
SL Avatar Name: (your name)
Drag Stage name: (your preferred stage name) 
PRELIMINARY EVENTs on Saturday April 19 at 12 PM and 4 PM SLT, theme Burlesque:
  1. Your choice of time for the preliminary event  12 PM or 4 PM SLT?:
  2. Pick two songs you will perform at the preliminary event. 
  3. Add a file of both the songs for the preliminary:
FINAL EVENT on Sunday April 27 at 12 PM SLT, theme Disco:
  1. Please pick three songs you would be willing to perform (Only one will be performed)
  2. File of the 3 songs for the final:
  3. Do you require any background set or props?:
  4. Additional notes for the organizers?

Oliver Elton will assist each contestant to get them ready for the shows.

Bloggers & a Videographer

Gay Archipelago are also seeking a videographer for the final event as well as bloggers to live blog the events.

Please contact Ricogenu and/or Parvin (a.k.a. Xcept Atlas) if you are interested in participating.


Gay Archipelago thanks its current sponsors who have signed on. They have donated cash, gift cards, their sims, and items:  GreyMyst EstatesJCNY, RGDW, Roby's style, Empire Emporium, N4RS, Corinthia Isle, GAYstar and HUG's.

Please contact Ricogenu and/or Xcept Atlas is you are considering sponsoring this event.


*Two preliminary Miss Wigstock shows at Corinthia Isle's "Cawk & Heels Drag Club"*
Each contestant will participate in one of the two shows where they will each perform two songs.

When: Saturday April 19 at 12 PM and 4 PM SLT
Theme: Burlesque
Host:: Edwin Wilmot of Corinthia Isle
Voting: Audience favorite, the contest board will be set to group allowed voting only. (Group tags will be given out during the show.)
Builder: Rene Bonaparte
Prize: Gift Cards/Gifts
**  Miss Wigstock Finals will be on the big stage at GreyMyst **
We will have two full sims together, contestants on one sim, audience on the other. Each contestant needs to pick three songs, however they will only perform one at the finals. (This is to prevent duplicates among contestants.)

When: Sunday, April 27 at 12 PM SLT
Theme: Disco
Builder: GreyMyst's builders
MC: Chris Magic Blackheart
  • L$15,000 First, 
  • L$5,000 Second, 
  • L$2,500 Third 
  • Gift Cards/Gifts 

Judging will be handled by three impartial judges to be determined. Anyone connected to a contestant or a sim will not be permitted to judge. Each judge will have a scorecard, with scoring guidelines. The judges will give their scores to a scorekeeper who will total the points independently.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Parvin (a.k.a. Xcept Atlas).

Ricogenu & Parvin

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