Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another Uncommon Cold

So I am off work for a few days and have a full to-do list and what happens? I am suddenly hit with the uncommon cold! For some strange reason this always occurs when I am off work, there is most likely a reasonable explanation for it but I am to weak and frustrated to care.
Some American porn model standing in for the laird
American Indians were killed off in droves by the common cold when the Europeans started colonizing their continents. The uncommon cold is their payback and only hits men of clan McMillan. It is not fatal, but makes us feel like shit with a fever and runny noses and has us coughing, sniveling and complaining loudly all over the place.

Don't mention chicken soup, I detest everything that has to do with those ugly, smelly and foul creatures.


  1. Sounds like my kind of luck. Take care of that cold and get well soon. Hugs. Now I will have your cold. (smile)

    1. Thanks Carl, buddy, give me another hug and I will take back the cooties I transferred to you ;)


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