Friday, May 2, 2014

Yet Another Pet Peeve - Adding Shadows to Builds

"Bapa Closed His Heart, It Was Over" Photography by Zarina Bhimji
I was reminded of this rather newly acquired pet peeve when I was talking with Nikolai Warden yesterday. He said, and I quote: "WHY DO BUILDERS ADD SHADOWS? Whether baked or prim, if someone wants to see shadows, shadows can be enabled in his or her graphics setting."

It is so 1980's for builders these days to add shadows in the textures of their beautiful builds. True, at one point they enhanced the beauty of their builds, but now - when more than 90% of us have viewers with shadows turned on, who really wants/needs/cares for "built in" shadows in the textures?

Get with the program builders and realize that SecondLife has moved on, it is high time for you to do so too.

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