Sunday, June 22, 2014

You Cannot Please Them All... (Updated)

As you all may remember, I am giving out an exclusive, specially handcrafted version, of my renowned The Jesters Hat at my storefront (SLurl) at Pride. It is a daring creation that is meant only for the true fashionistas.

Well my brother Dejerrity sent me this picture, I believe from the caption we can surmise that Dej is definitely NOT a true fashionista.
"Dej calls his lawyer from Second Pride"
Photography by Dejerrity Mycron
"Hairy Potter and the Gayest Sorcerer's Stone You've Ever Seen"
Photography by Dejerrity Mycron 
Dej tells us this about the latest picture: "The New Gay Avenger. Fighting for LGBT protections in Michigan and Florida! Challenging LGBT workers rights in Ohio and Colorado! Yes, it's America's newest Superhero - "Middle-Aged-Gay-Avenger-Man"!  He fights for truth, justice, and an end to erectile dysfunction. (Not affiliated with the Mormon Church)"
Look Hermione! Wizard porn!


  1. Once, when I was 16 years old I told my folks I was going out to my part time job, but I drove to the train station instead and went down into New York City. I went right to Times Square, to King's gay porn Theatre on West 54th St, and watched 2 blonde twinks on screen having really bad late 1970's sex while simultaneously fending off a few old men in the dark theatre who kept creeping closer and closer to me. At the time, I thought it was the gayest thing I would ever experience in my life.

    Today I was proved wrong.

    SL Pride 2014.
    Proud and loud and absolutely gorgeous.



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