Thursday, July 31, 2014

Second Pride Meeting - August 2, 2014

A Second Pride Board Meeting has been called to Saturday August 2, 2014, at 11 AM SLT.

The agenda for the meeting (as posted on the Second Pride website).
1. Call to order
2. Proposal 1 – Correcting references of Membership Director to be Community Relations Director.
3. Proposal 2 – A proposal to articulate criteria by which excess donations should be awarded to other non-profit groups, and to increase transparency of the process to the membership.
4. Proposal 3 – A proposal to increase confidence and transparency in the election of Board of Directors.
5. Proposal 4 – A proposal to reduce the appearance of Conflicts of Interest when sitting board members run for re-election.
6. Discussion of Charitable donation
- Approval of amount to donate
- Discussion of how the money is to be distributed.
7 Putting Second Pride and the sim in search
8. Review of Election Procedures
9. New Business
10. Adjournment

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