Saturday, August 30, 2014

You Know You Are Getting Old When...

...the heroes and idols of your childhood start passing away.

Brasse Brännström, 69, died yesterday.

I think Brasse was one of the first men I ever loved, aside from my father. Oh, I must also mention the American actor William Kirby Cullen, whom I fell in love with as Josh Macahan in the TV series "How the West Was Won". Everyone else talked about Luke Macahan (played by Bruce Boxleitner), but for me there was only Josh.

Brasse became known to - and loved by - almost every now living Swede over the age of 30, when he co-hosted a Swedish TV-series for children named "Five ants are more than four elephants" where he played a sweet, funny and rather insecure character who always wore a silly leather hat.

Rest in peace, Brasse!

This was the intro to "Five ants are more than four elephants".

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