Monday, September 8, 2014


So here I am, just back after my modem died and it took my ISP four (4) days to send me a new one, when today my darling Tomais sends me an offline message from work informing me that his Internet at home is down and his ISP cannot fix it until late tomorrow afternoon.

If it wasn't for my healthy skepticism against all conspiracy theories, I would perhaps now be thinking that the NRA, Mossad, Little Father Putin's covert henchmen and the Swedish Secret Police were conspiring to keep me and my darling apart.


  1. I know who is doing it. The Finnish Lesbian Secret Police (The FLSP) are monitoring you and Tomais because your images are being hacked and are making thousands of normally same-sex desiring gorgeous blonde Finnish lesbians heterosexual. You have made them desirous of hairy legged, virile, and incredibly handsome American and Swedish men. In fact, they are marketing a new line of Saunas in Helsinki called "Bock-Tom Steamers". Whatever the case, they want you shut down -- and word has it the Finnish secret police are in your neighborhood right now with webcams. Watch it Bock!

  2. TBH there have been alot of internet shutdowns and hacks lately and something does seem to be going no. I know of 5 people having these issues suddenly. I think there are so many people now on line everywhere and so many obile devices that the system cannot handle it all and things slow or shut down. The companies will never admit that though because it would be negative "moving backward" buffoonery on their part.


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