Saturday, November 29, 2014

For Blanche and the Swedish Cancer Fund

"Blanche" courtesy of Blanche Argus
Yesterday parts of the Swedish community in SecondLife came together to celebrate our dear friend +Blanche Argus, who for a very long time was a part of the core if the Swedish community, as a creator of many cultural events and also as well-known blogger with her blog Blanche's Arena.

Some months ago Blanche revealed to us all that she had been struck by cancer in her right eye and that, as she only has loco-motor vision on her left eye, this meant that she was virtually blind and could no longer enjoy +Second Life.

Yesterday there was an event to celebrate Blanche and what she had meant for us all and at the same time a fundraiser for the Swedish Cancer Fund (+Cancerfonden).

Blanche was with us through Skype and everything that was said in local was read to her by her first life sister, Second Renoir, or by Rultan Zeppelin, one of the event organizers. 

Blanche spoke to all of us at length and told us about how she was presently doing and how much she missed SecondLife and the lovely people in it. Her love was duly returned and shared copiously, in a more substantial way, with the Swedish Cancer Fund. Everyone donated generously!
Bosom buddy Apmel Goosson, one of Blanche's closest friends
Kandinsky Beaumont

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