Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thank You, Everyone!

I wholeheartedly support this message that was posted on Google+ by my hubby Tomais today!

Thank you to our friends  Kip Ashbourne and +Chaz Longstaff of Blue Balls for donating the party favors. You guys are awesome!

Thank you to my dear brother +JJ Goodman for the wonderful pictures from the party and to our friend +Lee McKay for helping with the lighting.

Thank you also to our friends Rylan Sirnah for supplying great entertainment for two hours and to Nikolai Warden for giving everyone at the party a fish fetish for life (Yeah, yeah, I actually do know that dolphins are mammals even though they live in the sea...)

Finally but not least, thank you so much to all the generous donors and to the wonderful and imaginative guests! I love you guys, thank you so much for helping out. I transferred USD 145.17 to the +Ali Forney Center on behalf of Tomais and Dej.

Party pictures will not be posted until tomorrow.


  1. You forgot the most important person in all of this, so allow me.

    Thank you to Bock, who made yet another outstanding effort to bring together friends and family of all stripes, creeds, colors and lifestyles to help support a truly worthy cause - while at the same time tending to every detail of a celebration that I can honestly say had me humbled, delighted and in complete awe of his scope and vision. And his sense of fun [-))

    Tom and I just got a little older last night - maybe even a little wiser, if we're lucky. But Bock got a great deal more special in our hearts (if I may presume to speak for Tom just this once :-) ).

    Bock, thank you my old friend.

    It's been said that we are all capable of great things, as humans. I tend to believe that. And people like Bock show us the way.

    Love always, my brother.


    1. Thank you so much, babe, you sure do know how to bring tears to my eyes ;) Love you dearly too!

      P.S. Tomais actually does mention me, right at the end of his message ;)


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