Saturday, February 28, 2015

EXCLUSIVE Laird Confesses; "I Use Windlights"

The Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm, prince of Cascade Falls, Sovereign Ruler of the Commonwealth of Southern Enchantment Region and Outer Territories and finally UN appointed Protector of the Mount Whitney sim in SecondLife, today made a surprising confession during an exclusive interview for this blog.
"Turn Away from the Light" by Bock McMillan
"During most of my life I have been fascinated by photography. When I came into SecondLife some eight years ago I was thrilled by the handy photo-tool in the various viewers. I have used them to the fullest throughout my existence here.  Until recently I have always worked with the natural or preexisting light settings on the sim I have been on, but lately - under the influence of my consort H.R.H. Prince Tomais, I'm sure - I have begun playing around with the Windlight settings when I take pictures. 

"As I am not an accomplished photographer like the prince of my heart, but a mere snap-shooter the extent of "my art" until lately has consisted of snapping the picture at an angle I like and then do some creative cropping. Now I have started playing with the Windlight settings too, just like I have always teased Tomais for doing, but it takes me even longer than it does for Tomais because I have to go through them twice before I can decide on which light I like best.

With a slight shudder a a beautiful blush on his cheeks, the laird continued "I felt a need to make this shocking revelation considering how I have been teasing Tomais for his trying out of all Windlight settings and then some (he has a shitload of extra settings that don't come with the viewers). I have considered founding a Windlight Anonymous (WA), but I am not sure if I will go through with those plans."
All three pictures in this post were shot by the laird himself at the IN SILICO sim. The outfit is The Soft Suit from Shu Mesh and the poses are by Finn Millar and Spencer Roncales of Vice Poses.

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