Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hip Hip Hooray, Because I'm Eight Today!

Today I celebrate my 8th rezday in SecondLife. Who would have thought - that day long ago - when I first logged in that I would still be here eight years later? Not me, for one!

There have of course been times when I have asked myself what the fuck I am doing here. I can tell you two reasons about why I continue to come back, although I have sometimes doubted my sanity.

The first reason - and absolutely most important one - is the other residents. In the wonderful, strange and exciting world of SecondLife, I have found good, caring and interesting people to spend my time with. Two of them have become my lovers, a few more have become my family or close friends while others have been good friends or interesting and exciting acquaintances.

The second reason is that nowhere else can I dance better and look so good while doing it!

Thank you friends and family for our first eight years together, I am so looking forward to the next eight years with you all!


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