Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Goodbye Southern Charm!

Cleaned up and cleared out, moving day is here.

I'm saying goodbye to my wonderful Southern Charm, which has been my home for the last seven years, December 2007 - April 1, 2015.


  1. [13:27] Kahvy Smith (kahvy.sands): hey hun
    [13:28] Kahvy Smith (kahvy.sands): carefull you will trip !
    [13:28] Bock McMillan- Mats A. Lindahl: Hello sweetie
    [13:28] Bock McMillan: Huh?
    [13:28] Kahvy Smith (kahvy.sands): *points down*
    [13:28] Bock McMillan: Say what?
    [13:28] Kahvy Smith (kahvy.sands): tie your shoelaces ffs
    [13:28] Kahvy Smith (kahvy.sands): its dangerous
    [13:28] Kahvy Smith (kahvy.sands): LOL Made you look tongue emoticon
    [13:29] Bock McMillan: hahaha
    [13:29] Bock McMillan: yup


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