Sunday, May 31, 2015

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  1. OK Bock, I have been thinking about this and you need to come clean. The royal bride, the future Princess of Sweden, Sofia Hellqvist, is "a former Swedish erotic glamour model and reality television contestant" (honestly, I cut and pasted that from Wiki). Now Bock, this sounds like you. You are the most glamorous and erotic member of our extended Second Life circle, by far might I ad, and your Second Life is like a virtual version of a reality television show -- Let's call it "Keeping up with Bock's Blonde Hair Rinse". Now, come clean -- Are you Sofia Hellqvist in real life, and are Tomais and Prince Carl Philip willing to "share" you as a "bride"?

    1. LOL You wish, Eddi! The answers to your two questions are - in order,
      1) "Hell No!" and
      2) WTF? Nooooooooo! I don't want to come within a hundred meters of Prince Carl-Philip, he is worse than his mother...

    2. Yes but you do not deny you are the glamorous and erotic among us -- you agree with the basic truth. Oh well, there goes my chance to be at a royal wedding! Now seriously, how are the people of Sweden reacting to Carl Philip marrying a porn star? LOL

    3. LOL, you twist my words, Eddi!

      Regarding the new princess to be I must say, I know zilch. This wedding/romance has not interested me at all and the prince gets further and further from the throne of Sweden by each child the crown princess and her sturdy husband are popping out.

      I am, however, now that you tell me about it rather amazed that a woman with such a seedy past has passed through the vetting processes.

      But perhaps the king and queen are only relieved that they do not have to announce the first same-sex marriage among royalties. (There have been rumors - though I always thought them to be more wishful thinking - about the princes sexual identity.)

      Oh, I was just struck by a thought!

      Mr. Eddi Haskell, Esq, are you confessing to being the person posing as Ms Sofia Hellqvist, intended bride of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden?

    4. No way! The Swedish royal family has way too many prima donnas as it it and I will be damned if I am going to let Crown Princess Victoria have bigger boobs and a bigger tiara them me! Anyway Queen Sylvia would not get along with my mother --- and my mom would never curtsey to her at the wedding, she is way too American!


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