Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Logo for Bock in SecondLife

Bock in SecondLife is delighted to unveil its new logo.

The logo is to be used when the blog is represented at various SecondLife events, such as the Second Pride Festival or the Gay Archipelago SummerFest (among others).

This bolder, more retro and ironic approach features a Pristina font, which is the work of British designer Phill Grimshaw, a calligraphic typeface that displays all the natural, unrestrained qualities of cultured penmanship.

The logo is clearly inspired by the traditional Japanese Imperial flag and is designed to be both recognizable and highly visible. It comes in a variety of clear pastel colors which are pleasing to the eye, but it is also everso slightly asymmetrical, to indicate that the editor in chief is an opinionated and headstrong bastard who doesn't always aim to please.

The logo was created by the blog's own favorite graphic designer Tomais Ashdene after a concept by the blogger himself.


  1. Looks a bit like The Brights logo

    1. Well, I never saw that one before.

      However, the sun itself - and in particular the rising sun - is an age old symbol for "life", "light", "clarity", "energy" etc. that has been used in most cultures throughout history.

  2. Your logo in red looks exactly like the old Imperial Japanese Navy Rising Sun Flag. They stopped using in 1945. I think it is a beautiful logo actually and thing you should use the tune of Japan's gorgeous national anthem, Kimi- Gay- as the theme song for Bock in Second Life. The anthem of your blog can go something like this -
    "Born in the sunny land of South Sweden,
    Bock in Second Life holds high a torch providing guidance,
    For the confused masses of Second Life,
    And denizens of future virtual worlds,
    Lead the way oh Bock, Lead the Way!
    (I can write more if you wish).
    Here is the time of the song:


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