Thursday, August 27, 2015

Update on the GA Kerfuffle - Updated

Due to my mood swings and the fact that I managed to grind two of my teeth to pieces during my sleep, I have been remiss in my duties of informing you about some events in the Gay Archipelago after my latest post.

So here is an update on what has happened, as far as I am informed.

ricogenu (formerly known as Rico Bluestar), who was appointed as PR Lead by the GA Lead Weylin Vale a while back, has resigned from office after an altercation with Chade Dagger, the simultaneously appointed Treasurer. The two have differing versions of what actually happened, so I will leave it to them to give their versions in the comments should they wish to do so.

The following sim-owners have left Gay Archipelago (there may be more, I seem to have lost my note card on this):
Garth Raleigh,
Mitch Underby,
Othon Weiland,
Draghan Marksman,
Myles Capalini and - following ricogenu's resignation -
Evan Greymyst (5 sims) and
ricogenu (2 sims, co-owned with Evan Greymyst)
--- Update---
Ricky Silentghost,
Harrison Constantine and
Evan Rutledge (2 sims)

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