Sunday, February 21, 2016

Buns Galore!

This weekend the sailors and officers of the Southern Charm Imperial Navy enjoyed some well earned R&R at Gay Cove Hold as personal guests to the duke of Erat and his loving spouse, the Much Honored laird of Southern Charm.

As those of you who are well informed know, Gay Cove Hold is one of the few sims in Second Life that enjoy the phenomenon of two suns, hence the double shadows.

The sim was closed of to the public to allow the valiant sailors to let everything hang loose and fully enjoy themselves. (From left to right in the picture, Rear Admiral T. Ashdene, Fleet Admiral B. McMillan, Lieutenant Commander A. Jiminy and Vice Admiral J. J. Goodman.


Actually the truth is the four of us were modeling for one of J.J.'s pictures. You can see the PG-rated picture here (SKPFB*) and the X-rated picture here (NSFW).

*) Safe for Kids, Prudes and Facebook

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