Saturday, August 12, 2017

Arghh Binge Delayed

When I order something on the Internet I want only two notifications, no more and no less.
  1. A message that my order has been received
  2. A message telling me when and where my order can be picked up.
Well, as it turns out the notification I received yesterday, was not that I could pick up my order, but that my order had now been shipped from the seller.

Who the fuck needs to know things like this?

I am certain the seller has some kind of amazing "Excellent Service Policy Manual" that they have paid half a fortune for that tells them to do this to keep the customers satisfied by keeping them appraised of the delivery at every stage along the way, but I most certainly am not interested.

The end result of this is that my binge watching of Downton Abbey has been delayed. *deep sigh*

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