Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eighth and Final Day of Second Pride

The last day of Second Pride was finally here. I had planned to go to the Folsom Fetish Pride party since I saw it on the calendar. From prior experiences following Ars around the gay clubs in-world I was certain I would meet some of the best looking male avatars SecondLife has to offer.

The gay leather men are the most stunning guys in SecondLife if you ask me. Most of them are big sim owners, club owners, designers and store owners as DJ Hotboy pointed out during his awesome set.
Zim Gunsberg always looks amazing
Artsy huh?
Me showing off some moves for Wendell Thor
Bric Dorchester & Voyager Paragorn
Cooper Drammond
DJ Hotboy

Ramses Mistwalker - poledancing
Stan Storno
Blogger Torro Spyker watching Kip Ashbourne´s ass move
Trooper Anton and Folsom Carter
Wendell Thor
Jamal Beaumont & Zim Gunsberg
Oh there was a contest there, perhaps I forget to inform you and guess who won it?
Let me just say that I am sure the guys were just being nice to a newcomer, but still it gives me the opportunity to say to the "Quadruplets" and especially AngelOf: "The hottest looking men in SecondLife voted and I won, eat your hearts out!!"


  1. Was there ever any doubt? Obviously showing amazingly great taste beautiful Buddy :) Kram

  2. Jättegrattis! Men fattar inte vad dom ser som är intressant:)


  3. Haha both my bosom buddies, you know that´s not true!

    I still maintain I won because the guys were being nice to me - and of course I have realized also the fact that neither Zim Gunsberg, Wendell Thor, Trooper Anton, Folsom Carter or any of the pole dancers joined in the contest. So say I would have ended up in tenth place, I would have been proud of that too ;)

  4. I know why you won! The realistic thin line of hair going from your nipple area (and those are some nipples!) to the area right below your belly button is incredibly realistic looking and hot! You look like a hot Swedish version of a young Sean Connery as Agent 007! See for yourself!

  5. Yes you were in good company all hot guys but I feel you won it fair and square. Congratulations.

  6. Awww thanks guys, you are very kind indeed!


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