Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bara & Free in Concert

Free Balan & Bara Jonson
 Last night I had the exquisite pleasure of catching a gig with my buddy the Swedish singer/songwriter Bara Jonson and his new singing partner Free Balan.

There are only two words that can fully describe what it sounds like when they sing together, pick one of them or use both. The words are heavenly and orgasmic (not the exploding kind but the slow and flowing kind. that rolls over you like waves in the  the sea and make you shudder from head to toe and then back again and leaves your body tingling with pleasure a long while).

Although I was nauseous when I got to the beautiful venue I completely forgot about it as soon as they started singing. And this, ladies and gentleman, was after they had been practicing with their first life band Ma´am all evening since 6.30 pm CET until just before they came inworld for the gig that started at 11 pm CET.

Can you all imagine how I will react to their voices when they are fresh? I will most likely need diapers, a straight jacket and more than "a few good men" to keep me in my seat!

The venue was by no means full, but that was mostly due to the scheduling. At 1 pm SLT on a week night the Euros have gone to bed or are preparing to do so and the Americans are still at work, school or eating lunch. Those of us that where there were thrilled out of our socks although most of us kept our clothes on!


  1. Bock, you are sooooooooo right about Bara & Free, the minute I heard them I knew I wanted them at the Alexander. Great point about the time slot! I'll see about fixing this. Best, Dharma AKA Alexander's Mum. :) Great post!

    1. Thanks Dharma! ;)

      I just checked my mail, to which messages from SecondLife are forwarded, that I missed a set with Bara and Free today in a very Euro-friendly time slot. Too bad, but I hope to catch them soon again.


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