Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Rezday, Eddi

"Eddil as a noob", Eddi Haskell (2007)
The Jewish saying "The day is short, the labor vast, the workers lazy, the reward great, the Master urgent." may indeed be true, but lets have fun as long as it lasts!

Happy 5th, Eddi you very, very, very, very old man! (You do know time passes four times faster in Secondlife dontcha?)


  1. The Swedish saying:

    The day is short,
    the winter sucks,
    so drink your ass off,
    and lets have sex.

    Thanks Bock!

  2. ROFL I hadn't heard that one before, must be from the far north. Those Northerners are mighty strange, I suspect because of the eternal darkness during winter. ;)


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